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President's Statement


Titan’s continual innovative approach has enabled it to successfully manufacture an extensive amount of compatible implant attachments and accessories of all popular dental implant brands since year 2000.


Now,  Titan is introducing External and Internal Hex implants compatible with Biomet 3i in both straight and tapered, Zimmer Dental internal straight and tapered, ITI-Straumann Single Stage straight, and most recently Bicon Compatible Titan-G implants with four surface treatment options: Media Blast, TPS(upon request), HA(upon request), and RBM(upon request).


Titan accommodates the dentist’s every possible need by providing easy and friendly to use dental implants and attachments that are also incredibly economical.


There is no need to change armament! Our implant quality is as high, or higher than the competition. Be able to have “Success without Expense”.


We will work harder to gain your trust and confidence. We thank you again for your continual support.