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Titan Design Solid Abutment


The Titan Straumann compatible system is a unique solution for the problems inherent to the tapered solid abutment.

Increase prosthetic retention.

The Titan design incorporates a hexed collar that more than doubles prosthetic

retentiveness. It also incorporates a deep circumferential groove just above the hex

portion that also contributes to retentiveness and is an integral component of the transfer system.

Attachment tools

The Titan Design solid abutment system requires a socket wrench and a hand tightening tool that fits over the socket wrench. These tools will allow the dentists to easily achieve hand tightening of more than 20N.

You may also insert the socket wrench into a torque wrench and use that assembly to tighten the attachments. 

Top surface receptacle

The top surface has an internally threaded receptacle that can be used in the following ways:

Attach the enclosed inserting screw to easily carry the abutment to the implant

Insert implant locators to help judge proper angulation corrections

Convert or construct very retentive fixed detachable cases on Straumann implants

Transfer system

The system includes Titan’s highly accurate single piece transfer copings.

The system is best used with a closed tray impregum impression.

Non-parallel placements of implants

Often attachments have to be modified due to non-parallel replacements.

Solid Abutments

Used in both anterior and posterior areas of the mouth for cement-retained crown and bridge restorationsCompatible with Straumann Tissue Level Regular Neck and Wide Neck Implant Solid AbutmentsThe Titan solid abutment has ring grooves designed for mechanical restoration.*Requires solid abutment driver part#ITI-SADComes in Prep Heights: 4.0mm, 5.5mm, and 7.0mm

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Multi-Unit Abutments

Titan Implants carries multi-unit abutments compatible with the following implant systems:Zimmer® Dental Tapered Screw-Vent® Tapered Abutments: https://www.titanimplants.com/zimmer-compatible-tapered-abutments-and-related-attachments/ Straumann® Tissue Level Regular Neck Screw-Retained Abutment: https://www.titanimplants.com/iti-straumann-compatible-4-8mm-platform-external-octagon-screw-retained-abutment-attachments/ Nobel Biocare Branemark®  Transmucosal Standard Abutment Regular Platform: https://www.titanimplants.com/nobel-biocare-external-hex-compatible-rp-transmucosal-abutment-attachments/Multi-unit abutment restorative components (abutment analog, abutment impression coping, abutment waxing sleeve, abutment bar post) for:3i® Implant Innovations Conical AbutmentSterioss® PME AbutmentSterioss® Conical AbutmentLifecore Biomedical® Restore External Hex Conical [...]

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Ball Head Abutment with Metal Housing & O-Rings

The ball head abutment with two or more implants provides direct attachment for implant attachment to retain overdenture restorations Threads directly into the implant Female o-ring keeper is processed into the denture base either chairside or at the dental laboratoryTechnical Considerations: A minimum inter-occlusal clearance of 6mm and cuff height is requiredImplants must be relatively parallel to [...]

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Bar Post Abutment

Bar post abutments are titanium, non-engaging cylindrical posts are designed to seat directly into the implant or intermediate abutment that are laser-welded to titanium bars to create an all titanium bar or bridge framework. Implant bar restorations mostly have a minimum of two to five implants. In an ideal situation, hader bar and retentive clips [...]

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Straight Locking Implant Abutment Flat

Titan’s Straight Locking Implant Abutments are machined with careful precision, which ensures a consistent and accurate fit into the implant.This fit helps eliminate micro-movement. Titan’s abutments carry a wide range of emergence profiles which contribute to a natural restoration. Horizontal grooves assist in height measurements and adjustments, and also significantly increases cement retention while [...]

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3i Implant Innovations Compatible TG Hex Abutment

The Titan Design TG Hex Abutment is available in both 4.8mm and 6.5mm Platform sizes and is used to restore the 3i TG dental implant.It is sold as a kit and includes: TG Hex AbutmentTG Hex Abutment analogTG Hex Abutment Plastic SleeveTG Hex Abutment DriverTG Hex Abutment Impression Coping           4.8mm Platform    [...]

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Bicon Compatible Shouldered Post Abutment

Why you should try TITAN…… Highest Dentist SatisfactionMore User-FriendlyCost EffectiveLess work involved due to more choices in:Profile diameterCuff heightsPrep Heights (4mm, 5.5mm, & 7mm)Emergence profile enables natural restorationHorizontal grooves assist in height measurements and adjustments, and significantly increases cement retention while still allowing retrievabilityCaution: 2mm Post should be used for the anterior ONLY.      [...]

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Abutment Impression Coping

 Can be used as a transfer and subsequently adjusted in the lab to become the final abutment Tighter and precise fit Eliminates extra expense & unnecessary parts No need for expensive lab-processed gold custom abutments Comes with titanium screwhttps://www.titanimplants.com/straumann-compatible...Available for Straumann Tissue Level RN & WN and Friadent XIVE implant systems

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Simple Step Abutment

                Choosing Proper Abutment Diameters for the Titan Simple Step AbutmentAvailable for the External Hex 4.1mm and 5.0mm Platform DiameterMeasure the available space between the proximal surfaces of the teeth adjacent to the edentulous area. Subtract two millimeters since it is necessary to have at least one millimeter between [...]

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