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aboutus.jpgTitan Implants started with the mission to manufacture products that addressed the shortcomings inherent to earlier designs, especially the attachment apparatus of dental implants.


Unlike most manufacturers, we have focused our attention on the Inter-Attachment Junction (IAJ). Manufacturing irregularities, poor fit, and poor design can lead to leakage and bacterial invasion at the IAJ. Our designs are created to help stabilize and create a better seal at the IAJ so that long term gingival health can be maintained.


Since success without expense is our motto, quality and service are the core values we strongly believe in. We provide our customers with an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of dental implants and attachments manufactured by various companies at affordable prices.



Titan Implants® company has been established since 2000. Our products are FDA Approved.




"All our Implants and attachments are proudly made in NJ, USA."






Titan Implants' goal is to make dental restoration easier by providing the dentist with wide array of tools to choose from. The Implant Locator Pin, one of the parts uniquely designed by Titan Implants, accomplishes this goal.


(Video: Titan Implants' Implant Locator Pin)


Titan Implants' Implant Locator Pin is a straight threaded pin with a serrated handle designed for several practical uses:

  • At times, it may be difficult to insert an impression coping or abutment intraorally due to impaired visibility or access. The implant locator is easier to screw into the implant. Once inserted, by hand, the impression coping or abutment will slide over the pin and lock in place because of the snug fit of the head. Then the implant locator pin is removed and replaced by the appropriate screw.
  • The implant locator pin can be used to check for parallelism and positioning of the implants intraorally. This can be done in the lab too. In the lab, the implant locator pin is convenient for custom abutment fabrication. Simple slide the plastic sleeve down the implant locator pin and proceed to wax-up to the appropriate gingival height. The ease of sliding the abutment on and off saves time and simplifies lab work. (This can be actually done in the mouth). 


 The implant locator pin comes in three different lengths and different threads to match various manufacturers.




We manufacture a wide variety of Dental Implants and Accessories.

We make implant styles and compatible parts similar to most major Implant Companies like:


  • Biomet 3i®, Inc. (3i®, Biomet®, Biomet 3i™, Certain®, Miniplant®, NanoTite™, Osseotite®, Osseotite XP® and Prevail®),
  • Steri-Oss™,
  • Astra Tech Group (Astra Tech® and OsseoSpeed™),
  • Zimmer Dental® (Core-Vent®, Paragon®, Calcitek®, Sulzer Medica®, and Centerpulse®),
  • NOBEL-BIOCARE (Brånemark System® Replace™ Replace Select™ NobelReplace® All-on-4®),
  • Osteo Implant Corporation (OIC, OTI Systems®),
  • BioHorizons®,
  • Bicon® Dental Implants (Integra-CP™ / Integra-Ti™),
  • Innova Sybron Dental Specialties (SybronPro™ Series / Endopore® / Pitt-Easy® / Anatomic),
  • Straumann Holding AG (Straumann®, SynOcta®),
  • Dentsply Friadent Group (Ankylos®, Frialit® and XiVE®),
  • Keystone Dental (LIFECORE®)- (Stage-1® / Renova® / Restore®),
  • Calcitek (Centerpulse®/ Sulzer Medica®),
  • Sterngold Dental, LLC. (Sterngold-ImplaMed®),
  • SWISS IMPLANTS (Spiraltite®, Bonelock®),
  • Biolok International Inc (Laser-Lok™),
  • IMZ® (FRIATEC systems),
  • IMTEC® Corporation (Universal®)







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